Today I came across a pretty awesome Starcraft II ranking site. The most interesting part about this databasing site is that it tells you your world and regional ranking. I’m not sure exactly what it’s scope of “region” is but I think It’s safe to assume I’m in the US servers region.

I checked it around lunch time and it looked pretty good. I then went and played a quick 1v1 which to my surprise, was a Zerg vs Zerg. With all this talk about Zerg being underpowered, and the most unplayed race in the game, I have been playing a lot of mirrored match ups. I’ve gotten better at it, but still… ridiculous. I won that game. Woot. Then played another after dinner, won that as well. That was a Terran game that should have wrapped up a bit sooner than it did, but my unattended Mutalisks kept flying into missile turrets.

My brother and I did great last night, but tonight wasn’t so good. One game we were rushed with 12 or so battle cruisers at once. Not good.

So to the rankings. Right now I am overall:

World rank: #327,591 of 1,815,041
Region rank: #133,162 of 722,771

I must say, I feel pretty damn good about that. The craziest thing is that my brother and as a team are rank:
World: #19,257
Region: #7,327

I’m not sure exactly how many 2v2 teams there are, but those numbers seem pretty satisfying.
So to all you SC2 players trying to make it up in the ranks, there is a path. It’s not easy, but I find that if you enjoy the game enough, you will improve. To the minority Zerg players, keep fighting the good fight for the swarm!

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  1. I got the most recent update for zombie farm and it crashed everytime I try to open it now! I was on level 25, and now it’s worthless! I have a 2G but I read people with 4 had the same problem

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