Now that I’ve ventured into the new world of Starcraft II ladder with my valiant zerglings I’ve only noticed one major thing. Every match I’ve played since the patch in 1v1 has been against another Zerg! It has been ridiculous! The last 5 games that I have played have been against Zerg, and sadly I lost every one except for the last one I played.

Overall I have been moving up in the ranks. The guy at the top of my division is 600 points ahead of me, and at 30 points a win, it seems like I have a ways to go yet. I’m not sure if that’s how it works exactly, because I somehow went from Bronze to Gold in my random 4v4. I have lost a little ground there due to void rays, but I’m not doing too bad. A lot of my matches are against people in the Platinum League or something, so I probably should be losing.

shimp bat and mutalisk

In ZvZ it appears the unit of choice is the iconic hydralisk. In my stubbornness I had refused, up until the last game which I won after 47 minutes of wanting to use the muta, but the hydra finally DID win the game. I love mutalisks. They are fast, have an area of effect attack, and they look like the spawn of a bat and a shrimp. Until I come up with a sweet ZvZ strategy that revolves around the mutalisk I guess I have to follow the heard. Watching my replays it looks like attacking instantly with them would do a lot of damage, but I would almost have to switch to something else to end the game. The mutalisk doesn’t seem to do very well against large defenses.

In the few Terran or Protoss match-ups I played, I have noticed a decrease in the amount of reapers and zealot rushes. Either that tactic is failing, or people are trying something new. Maybe that’s why all my match-ups are against another Zerg. Everyone is converting! Now if only they could do something about those damn void rays.

side note: My dictionary doesn’t recognize Starcraft as a word. It suggests Warcraft.

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