Esophagus Sarcophagus

A Wizard Jam 8 Game

A breakout versus type expereince.



A Metroidvania Month 2 Game

A mix of metroidvania and top down shooter type gameplay.


From Earth to Pluto

A Wizard Jam 6 Game

A physics driven golf simulation where you tee off on Earth and try to land on Pluto.



Epistle 3 Jam

An isometric world to explore based on the Epistle 3 plot summary by Marc Laidlaw. This is a prototype with isometric tiles and a movement system.


The Titan Falls

Wizard Jam 5

A 2 player unit battle game where the units are capsules! Roll to defeat your enemy, but to win you must fell the Big Purple Titan Cube.


Clone Ridden Fields

Wizard Jam 4

A clicker style game where you harvest a field of wheat using a summoned army of skeletons.


The Three Antidotes

Wizard Jam 2016(3)

This is my first game jam submission, and first real dive into game development. There are some cool idea here that I’d still like to pursue. Maybe I still am… Fun side note; the enemies are designed by kids!

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