This post is a bit of a double feature. Where my personal life has been a bit tough this week with the loss of a friend (my sympathies go out to her family and friends), my SC2 life has been pretty damn good.

The week started as a vacation in remote South Dakota was wrapping up. Pumpkin Fest was the name and running a 5k was the game. There’s more to it than that, but it’s about as involved as I got this year. The side effects of SC2 hit me about 3k in and I was getting a bit tired. In a way it also saved me. Running is very much a mental game, and I had plenty of SC2 strategy on my mind to keep it preoccupied. I had more pressing things to think about besides breathing rhythm and a slight side ache, which was likely the result of a 6 pack the night before. I had to think about 4 gates and reaper harass. I finished in 25:09, which isn’t bad, but the effort required told me I need to get back into my running shoes more often.

Internet and phone service were rare during the weekend, so I tested some ideas on the AI. I still can’t take an “Insane” Terran out as Zerg. Even the 6 pool failed.

Sunday began like any other last day of a vacation, but it would turn into a day I will never forget. We were packing up, and saying our goodbyes when a phone call broke through the technology wall to deliver news that nobody ever wants to hear. A heart attack has taken someone close. Someone I’ll never have the chance to say “goodbye” to properly. The memories will have to do.

The drive home and following days have been some of the toughest in my life. Time filled with grieving, and remembering. Once again trying to occupying the mind, because it’s just too exhausting to be sad all the time. My wife and I began watching Dexter, which has turned out to be a very good show. She is completely enthralled by it, while I’d rather work on “becoming a better gamer”. I’ve always lacked interest in TV. It doesn’t stimulate me enough. I love the interaction in video games, and in the case of SC2, analyzing and learning. I find 1v1 games very stimulating. The more you are thinking the better you often play, unless you make a lot of poor decisions.

The thinking has paid off as I’ve gained about 250 points these last few days and FINALLY broke into the Silver League!

I’ve been playing quite well in my new league as well. I finally have a positive win/loss ratio and my play is getting more and more refined. I have a few general builds and I’m learning how to adapt it to what I’ve scouted. My biggest fault yet is supply blocking. Now that I’ve learned to build so many drones I’ve been gathering a lot of money and then spamming a bunch of units up until I block myself. I think I need to time overlord production with my scouting and repositioning of armies ritual.

Well I’ve covered just about everything that has been on my mind the last week. It looks like I need to come up with a new goal, and a new plan. I’ll be composing a list of things I’ve learned while hanging out in the Bronze League, and what I think I need to work on to get to GOLD! It looked like I jumped up to the new league once I passed the 90th percentile in Bronze. I currently sit in the 76th percentile of Silver, so I have some work to do. Hopefully the additional balancing patch will help me out. Thanks for the help again Blizzard.

Current world and Region rank in 1v1: (I love that website)

World rank: #67,927

Region rank: #23,270

If you have comments, suggestions, or want to get together for a game let me know. For the SWARM!

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