MLG Dallas 2011 Postmortem

Finding a good community in any online game is very important. It’s something that can keep the game fresh and exciting as well as providing a great social outlet. In a competitive gaming circle this is especially important as finding people that can challenge you is essential. As anyone who knows me “in the real world” will attest, I’m not very good at keeping in touch. I’m bad at returning phone calls, and often prefer a text. I check Facebook a couple times a week; Maybe. Best example of them all, a party or friendly gathering can often feel like an intrusion into an otherwise creative, or nerdy night.

In my last post New Level of Nerd, I mentioned the Starcraft II clan eP or Eternal Plague. I was drawn to them because of that tournament which allowed people such as myself, Platinum Leaguers, to compete for professional coaching. I have since joined their writing staff and my first assignment was to follow the recent MLG Dallas. I spent a large deal of my leisure time last weekend watching the tournament stream, which was tough technically, but overly entertaining. If any of you out there are interested in eSports go ahead and check out my write up at MLG Dallas 2011 Postmortem, and check out the MLG site for yourself. You may find it something else to veg out with a beer and snacks to on Sundays.

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