Remember how, way back, I said I had migrated over? Well, as I’ve been delving deeper into the catacombs that are wordpress.php, and database security jargon, I noticed that nothing really worked. Images were missing, navigation was spotty, plugins were imploding, and nothing seemed like it wanted to jive peacefully with it’s new home, and wordpress 3.1.

The struggle began when I wanted to test out some new plugins, and found I was unable to unpack and install them to my site. This pointed me to the elusive .htaccess file. Nobody is friends with this bastard. Windows doesn’t like him, and FileZilla would rather punch him in the face. Finally, after studying and understanding why he was such a prick, I realized he didn’t exist! So I built him. He was very confused in this new world of, and reluctantly got along with some things. After a firm talking to, he would work well with other features, but hate the former. Eventually, after much hair pulling and coffee drinking I bowed lower than usual before the majesty of Google, and Google came forth with an answer; a formula. Sir .htaccess now allows the fully implemented, but, for some stupid reason, hidden php5 to shine on. New plugins are installing like Carpet King in an empty apartment, fast?, and working like a charm even when compatibility is questionable.

Now, all that isn’t the new found level of nerd. This plateau comes from the realm of Starcraft 2. I have entered myself into a <=Platinum League tournament qualifier! Prizes include free coaching sessions from gosucoaching, and of course notoriety of the highest caliber. If you’re curious or need flack for offensive comments, head over to clanEP for details and if you hurry, sign up yourself! It’s sure to be a good time, and hopefully I don’t get knocked out in the initial round of 64. I don’t plan to stream my own games on this site, as they will be streaming and I believe commentating as well.

On a closing note, I’ve invested in training videos from where I plan to expand my web knowledge and pick up a few tricks in other software packages. I plan to share, and show some of this newly gained knowledge here, and plan to put a lot of it toward the advancement of THIS very site!

UPDATE!!! I did end up getting knocked out in the first round of 64, but the guy was good, and went on to RO8 before he lost. No worries! I’m signed up for the third qualifier, which will be going on the same time and channel this Thursday. *crosses fingers*

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  1. Ahhhhh the sweet, sweet love of a blog post comment. It’s true, you are constantly evolving into some kind of super nerd of the future. I’m getting geared up for the SC2 tournament tonight, painting a Zerg symbol on my face.

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