The Three Antidotes


Yesterday I completed my first game jam game!

Wizard Jam 2016 is a game jam hosted by in which creators have 2 weeks to develop a game based on the title of a podcast episode within the Idle Thumbs Network. There are hundreds of podcast episodes across this network which is made up of several podcasts.

‘The Three Antidotes’ is a platformer game in which you must defeat the three bosses, each with an antidote to a weakness on the player, and then reach the top of the level. There was and still is a lot I want to do with this idea which could not be done in 2 weeks. I plan to update the game as I get things fleshed out, and I encourage anyone that’s interested to check out the link above.

All Wizard Jam 2016 submissions can be found at the link below. There are a lot of talented developers out there.

Wizard Jam 2016

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