White mage Unlocked


After a few weeks of leveling, sometimes the wrong class, I have finally achieved my goal of unlocking the abilities of the White Mage.

The path of the White Mage is something new to me. In nearly all RPGs I like to play a rouge type character. I enjoy the risk vs reward that evolves from being a glass cannon. I like to rely on timing and speed to keep myself alive while waiting to unleash a devastating critical attack.

Back in the days of FFXI I traveled the path of the Black Mage. This in itself was a bit of a diversion, but the BLM works very much the same. The only real difference is that you rely on your party members to keep you alive rather than your own reflexive skill. Damage was still my primary concern, and the effects of ancient magic were devastating.

Today I follow the path of the healer, the overseer of health bars, and the easiest way to find a dungeon party.

I have never been a big dungeon runner, and quit most MMOs when they start turning into a scheduled commitment for a meager stat boost through an area I have seen dozens of times, but right now everything is fresh. Each new dungeon is a beautifully rendered experience to test my grasp of a new role in a group. Being the only one keeping people alive, there is a great sense reliance, and responsibility. It feels good to get that clutch heal as things take a turn for the worse, and remove status ailments like paralyze that not only have an effect on the outcome of a battle, but also the enjoyment of a crippled player as control of their avatar returns to them. There is an unspoken bond between a healer and tank, as they ultimately steer the course. As a damage dealer I always felt like more of an asset for efficiency.

I’m not sure how to feel about solo adventuring as a healer yet. Due to my skill set I am often capable of taking on enemies 3-4 levels higher than myself, by simply alternating Cure and Stone with a dash of Aero. It’s a time consuming process, but herding a bunch of lower level mobs into a nova of death isn’t really an option. I foresee my chocobo companion taking on a stronger role as I level it up, and open a few more options.

I hope to see some of you in the Manor soon, and if you find yourself lying in the dirt, don’t hesitate to ask for a Raise!

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