I have very little experience with modeling clothes in zBrush. I’ve studied the way it behaves before for an old project, but that was all done in Maya. This has still been a fairly new venture. I took a series of pictures, referencing myself in a hooded jacket, as well as cruising the Pixologic galleries for references and have gotten started. There are some nice starting brushes offered over at www.selwy.com, as well as a tutorial on how he created his masterpiece. His cloth is much thinner and lighter than mine, but the brushes have provided a great start to the process.

There are only a couple different cloth weights on this character, but the jacket is proving to be a fun challenge. The hood draped behind him, which I haven’t done much to yet, and his left sleeve that’s rolled up above his elbow has forced me to take a close look at the behavior of heavy fabric.

I didn’t get to his right side or back yet, but I think I have a good jumping point for his sleeve.  I also made some tweaks to the face, closing the mouth and bulking up the lips.


Hero in coat.
Zbrush hero in coat


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