What does that mean? Well, Breakout is a game that made its debut back in 1976 on the Atari. Since then it has been remade in all sorts of different ways that can be found and experienced for free via a simple Google search.

PTC has a version of their own up, compliments of the Johnson Center for Simulation. It was created by Doug Koellmer and myself to bring prospective students to the PTC website. Doug was responsible for all the programming. He developed a physics engine for the core of the game, and created a level editing tool that made making new levels very fun and easy. I created all the artwork in Flash and found the sounds and music through a variety of royalty free outlets on the webernets.  Most of the sounds were tailored in Audacity, a very powerful and free audio editing program, to better represent the game.

Do you want to play it! Hell yeah you do! Check it out by clicking the banner below. Have fun, come back and leave comments and suggestions. There are several other classic game remakes planned for PTC, so let me know what you think and I’ll keep it in mind for upcoming titles.

PTC Breakout Game

Johnson Center for Simulation website: www.johnsonsimcenter.com

Doug Koellmer’s website: http://dougkoellmer.com

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