No, it’s not a real game, well at least not one that I’ve played recently. My iPhone is not in a very good place right now. Actually my iPhone is in pieces on my desk in front of me as I wait for my new battery from A ruined battery is often the result of dropping an iPhone in the toilet.

Yes, I dropped my iPhone in the toilet… as I was using it. I was playing Sunday Lawn. I brought my phone up to my face, it slipped, passed cleanly through my legs and Kah Plunk…. Because the bowl was filled with… waste, I quickly turned my phone off, and ran it under some water. I figured, I submerged it in water, and whatever else, what can running some water over it hurt? Plus toilet water is gross, I wouldn’t want to put it back up to my face without knowing it’s been cleansed. I shook it off, and set it on the counter to dry. I checked back later and noticed water under the screen, and in the camera well, so I decided to expedite the evaporation process. I opened my phone up, mostly to dry it out, but also because I love taking stuff apart, and just let it sit until today. When I checked on it today everything seemed dry. I put it back together, hit the power button, and it remains in blackness.

So now I sit here, with my phone in pieces, the battery extracted, and just waiting for the new one to arrive. The battery is completely dead according to my voltmeter so all I can do is hope the rest of the hardware isn’t fried. My wife won’t let me take the battery out of her phone to see if that will revive my own, but I don’t blame her. The cost of an iPhone without a service plan is pretty steep. So if this doesn’t work my wife will have a backup battery, and I’ll be getting myself a trac phone or something. Sad times.

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