I get a lot of hand-held gaming done on the throne through the use of my iPhone. As my last review implies, the game I’ve spent the most time with while on the pot over the week is Parallel Kingdom: Age of Gathering.

Despite being a great game, the details of why can be seen here, it is also controlled entirely by one handed input. All the better to take care of business, gather resources, and chat with people all over the world. The days of just having a magazine or newspaper are over.

3 thoughts on “Great Games to Poop to: Parallel Kingdom”

  1. I had no idea you had a video game review blog, when did you start this thing? Also, side note, I am never going to touch your iphone again! At least not without a hazmat suit on or something, at least some gloves…

  2. I started it back in August, when I needed you to administer the wordpress stuff on to the server. Oh, and being the slight germaphobe that I am. My phone gets washed almost as often as my hands.

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