I don’t understand how commercials can do this. I read somewhere that it was due to different compression, that commercials are always so LOUD, but that sounds like bull-shit. It should be illegal for commercials to be 50% louder than the show you are trying to watch. Are they louder because they know people often leave the room during the commercials, so they shout at them in a pathetic effort to make them hear the ad? Is TiVo and DVR destroying the effectiveness of TV commercials, so they think blasting ads at people will make them more effective. Maybe they hope you have fallen asleep, and want to make sure they can wake you up for their ad!

I think it only hurts them. When the TV starts shouting we change the channel, sometimes I even turn it off. Maybe this whole “blaring commercial volume” thing is secret marketing plan by TiVo and DVR, because nothing has made me want to invest in one of these solutions more than the invasive volume of commercials.

I don’t even watch TV that often and this irritates me. It truly is an invasion of privacy. I’ll stick to my video games.

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