Oh Valve. Ten years ago they were known only for their critical success with Half-Life. Every mouse and keyboard wielding nerd was up in arms, over their audacity to require something called “Steam” to play their sequel. In the years to follow, Valve turned this “something” into “the thing” by offering the ease of impulse shopping at a click of the mouse. Digital distribution has since become the standard. Humble Bundle and GOG are vying for market share while Origin and Uplay lag behind. All these choices pose new and unique anxieties for today’s PC gamer. What, when, and how much is too much?

I recently came across steamdb.info which will tell you more about yourself than you care to know. Entering my name and clicking “Get disappointed in your life”, I am quickly sucker punched by the fact I haven’t touched 41% of my Steam library, and actually payed $60 for Borderlands 2.

2,000 games will be added to the Steam store by the end of 2014. Which will I play? When will I play them, and how much is too much?

I can’t help but feel a paralyzing anxiety when confronted with the untapped potential of treasures I already own. How do I glean the essence of the game’s intent. When do I savor every meticulous detail. Each night, I have one hour. Not enough time to start something new, or dive into a world that deserves so much. I launch a browser and seek a thoughtful review to stand as a eulogy of the game I will never play. May it rest in peace. Then, I stroll through the store in search of “something”. I find solace in knowing they will always be there for retirement… right?

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