I’m getting near the end of my “Nerd Ranch” book, which has lead me back into doing some cocoa stuff. This is directly applicable to what I’m trying to do with the MPG Application, and I should be able to wrap that up soon. I was able to pull my entire Diablo 3 profile down and save it to a .html file through Blizzard’s web API. Now I have all sorts of data about my D3 heros, but I don’t know what I’m going to do with it. I think I’ll just take the knowledge gained and move on.


Apart from coding, I have designed myself some moo.com cards, and I’m working on a logo design for my wife. We pick up contract work here and there, and wanted a fun and interesting way to market ourselves. She is a fantastic photographer who upholds her own blog, and I urge you to go check it out. Here are my mini moo cards:




Well, that’s all I have for the week, short and sweet. I need to go finish my current challenge. To remove a row from my table, and create unique errors.

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