This is a problem I have been running into a lot lately. It wasn’t until I put about a hour into Bioshock 2 and found out I couldn’t SAVE, that I got frustrated enough to want to fix it. Let me reiterate that. I bought a game, but couldn’t save my progress until I was signed into my Windows Live ID. This DRM shit is getting out of hand.

So the problem is this: 80048821

Basically Windows Live doesn’t recognize your username, or your password is wrong so it’s unable to authenticate.

Surfing the Google will point you at a variety of culprits. The most common is to open a list of ports on your router. Others have you check your version of Games for Windows, reinstall the game, or even hack some registry files.


Your password IS wrong! Apparently passwords with special characters trip up the whole system and you can’t log in EVEN if your password is correctly inputted. It’s recommended to use alpha-numeric characters only and stick to 6-10 characters.

Do I even have to point out the irony of Microsoft requiring a simplified password for it’s online environment to access it’s own game system on it’s own OS?

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  1. I recently ran across a new issue with their security. The “two-step verification”. This allows you to put another layer of security on your account with a security code, but for whatever reason this code doesn’t work with devices. This included Xbox 360.

    If you activate two-step verification you are required to generate a random password for each device. This isn’t something you can create yourself, it’s just random, and advised you click “Remember Password” once entering it.

    If you at any time enabled this added security, or maybe even not it worked for me to delete my profile, just profile not content tied to it. Then I cleared my system cache three times. Finally, I downloaded my profile again, and everything worked.

    I was once again stuck in a loop of entering the correct password, over and over, changing the password, but still getting locked out because the system gives nothing but some error code and tells you to go to or something.

    Here is what I followed and it worked for me. Good luck fellow Xbox LIVE GOLD members.

  2. hell men thanks a lot… i have been suffering almost a day because of this shit.. thanks!

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