Through the craze and haze that has been the last few days I’ve managed to purchase some web space for my wife and I. My domain remains the same, but it’s all housed on a new server and MySQL server, while my wife will be owning

To those who link directly to this blog nothing will look any different, but to those who get here through my root site,, you guys are in for a surprise! I’ve gotten rid of the front end to the blog, which linked to my portfolio, and decided to make the blog the main attraction. This isn’t to dedicate my domain to Starcraft II, but rather to appease the majority of people who check out the 250 GB plot that is mine on the world wide web. Most visitors spend their time here, so now that is what they will see immediately. I’ve really grown to love my WordPress theme so I’m going to hack it into something that accommodates everything. It’s all pretty exciting.

In closing, my heart goes out to my wife, her family, and everyone that was touched by Miss Maria Evans. Her disease may have crippled her body, but she is one of the strongest and bravest women I have ever met. Her beautiful heart and mind grabbed you in a mother-like embrace that you can’t avoid or forget. She will be missed. Wings for Maria.

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