My battery showed up today, which is way ahead of schedule. I’m glad I didn’t pay for any kind of expedited delivery. I took off work a bit early, because I was way too anxious to see if my phone was a brick or not to be very productive.

So here was my phone.

iPhone innards

I got everything together without much trouble. I then crossed my fingers and hit the power button. IT’S ALIVE!!! But it’s dark, very very dark. So dark I can barely see the little apple logo as things load up. Things get started and I hear the familiar sound of new email/messages being received. I give my wife a call and she hangs up on me! Leaving me to think my phone is going to drop calls. Apparently she hit the wrong button so the phone still works.

It’s still fully functional, but I likely won’t be able to play any games on it. I reset everything back to factory settings, and load up a backup. I’ve read in several places that this “darkness” can be caused by water still in the phone. So, I now have my phone submerged in jasmine rice. The rice will absorb any moisture still in the hardware, and I’ll just have to wait and see if my phone makes a full recovery.

Phone in rice

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